How Do I Take Care Of My Hair In The Cold Weather?

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Regardless of the specific problem that a patient consults me with in Shuna Hammocks Trichology, getting the hair in the best possible condition will enhance the overall appearance. When hair is in good condition the protective outer layer, the cuticle, will be smooth and therefore reflect the light and look beautiful. But how do we ensure out hair stays in tip top condition as the seasons change? The temperature is now dropping, and the windy cold weather has arrived! These factors adversely effect the hair and combined with the temperature extremes of heated buildings, no wonder our hair can begin to suffer.

The subject of hair care applies to the way we feel about our appearance. I achieve the highest level of satisfaction when a patient comments how silky their hair feels after a treatment with me, but moreover, how they leave with their head held a little higher as they feel more attractive and the hair colour is enhanced.

In all climates, the hair and scalp should have an SPF product on, as the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle) will become dry and could even cause breakage and split ends (fragitalis cranium) . Can you imagine lying on a beach all day with no sun tan lotion? There are products available with a sunscreen already in to effectively protect. My other point to discuss is the hairdryer. I must clarify that Trichologists are not against anything that improves the hair style; however, a dryer with heat and speed control is preferable, held about 15cm away from the hair. Most households have the heating on now and the temperature outside is slowly falling; both of these extremes are detrimental to the hair and this could even cause the hair to become porous and dry. In addition to eating a balanced diet, keeping well hydrated and washing one’s hair regularly, most people would benefit from a weekly intensive conditioning product. This conditions at a deeper level than a daily conditioner and can help replace some of the moisture lost in these cold times. This can be carried out in the clinic and also for home use.

One can always wear a hat or scarf to cover and keep warm, but this will also protect the hair from the elements. Or more conveniently, contact me to discuss the product best suited to achieve your personal needs. In this way, the hair can be fully protected come rain or shine!

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