What Does The Human Hair Represent To The Individual?

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The appearance of human scalp hair can make or break your day; it can be described as insulation to keep us warm, an individual image, a frame to your face or even sexual attractant.

Most of us complain that we want it longer or shorter, curlier or straighter, thicker or thinner, more or less body to it… Like it or not the hair on our heads should be our “crowning glory”, but what is it like for those who experience changes to the appearance or perhaps visible hair loss?

The typical woman may use as many as five products on their hair each day in the bathroom; imagine if this routine of say ten years is no longer required? There are many different types of hair loss, with as many different causes, but most can be diagnosed and treated.

How many people give a thought to their hair care routine? We take a washing, drying and styling for granted: what if you had to remove your hair piece to wash it? Some people choose to wear a hair piece or scarf to cover the thinning, patchy or even bald scalp. There are some fantastic companies to advise on hair pieces; they can make them order and even use real hair.

So the answer to the original question would be that hair represents different things to different people. However the common underlying concern is that every patient who is experiencing hair loss, consulting a trichologist, asks “Am I going to lose all of my hair?”, and in the same breath “Can you do anything to make it grow back?”. Obviously every case is individual, but the answer is that in most cases something can be done to help.

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