How can I wash my hair by myself without getting foam or water in it?


I HATE water going in my ears and mostly importantly foam because i have a really bad phobia. How can i wash my hair by myself without this happening, any tips?

Anyone else have this problem?

Shuna’s Answer

Please don’t use dry shampoo, you will have to wash it eventually. Does water around your ears bother you when you go swimming? You could put cotton wool in them before hand, or purchase a halo cap ( designed for children to keep water out of eyes) Mothercare and Boots sell.

I think you need to work through the reason this phobia is there/what it represents as you need to cleans your face and body, but lower detergent rather than Sulphate free will remove lather but still clean.

NB: I am a Member of The Royal Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

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