Brown hair to red hair?


So I want to dye my hair a bright bright red, like ariana Grande, but I don’t want to bleach it or anything, any way to do that?

Shuna’s Answer

Are you really sure about this? Would you consider using one of the online image changing things whereby you can put a photo of your face with a certain colour/style of hair. So many people act on impulse and regret it after- resulting in bleach or stripping hair which damages it.

Another idea, but temporary, is those colour mascara wands- this may give you a certain look for a while and then decide what you may (or hopefully) may not put your hair through.

How about you improve the condition of your hair to make your own hair colour shine and reflect the light? I would suggest: elasticizer available online Philip Kingsley its totally amazing product that was voted in top 100 products by Bazaar magazine 2012. Hope this helps.

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