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I’m 13 years old. & I’m a girl, I have a girl mustache & horrible side burns & a little hair between my eyebrows, I have hair on my back, chest, hands, & toes, im not really worried about armpit, leg & arm hair &down below hair cuz I know that’s normal, but what can I do about the rest me? All this hair makes me feel REALLY ugly & It makes me think/know that I’ll never get a boyfriend, & what also makes it worse it that I’m fat, & ugly &im a shy person. I wanna get laser hair removal but it’s really expensive & my family ent got a lot of money cuz my mom is mentally ill so she can’t go to work, what can I do to raise enough money for laser hair removal ALL over my body &/or is there anything I can do that will PERMANTLY get rid of all the hair?


I’m afraid the answers provided all point towards either ignoring or getting rid of a clear “symptom” that you are suffering with; I would go to your GP and request a hormone profile blood test, you may also have other symptoms such as acne on your face and upper back, oily scalp, thinning hair and possibly even irregular or absent periods ( if you have then yet)?

In my experience it is far better to investigate and deal with the reason for something rather than just cover up the cosmetic appearance.

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