My hair is the thinnest hair I’ve ever seen?

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My hair is the thinnest hair I’ve ever seen? I need to know how to make it thicker.


As a trichologist I see hair loss and pattern thinning every single day! For interest they are not of the same origin.

For the condition I feel you are describing no supplement or shampoo in earth will help, it is most useful ( if you decide to consult me) to know exactly when you first became aware of density changes with your hair, if the density is the same all over, if the behaviour of the hair has changed ( eg harder to style) and to provide details of parents and grandparents hair density ( men and women please).

I can slow the progression of this thinning and improve it a bit- please be aware of the unqualified “cowboys” out there who charge too much and make false mis-leading claims of perfection!

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