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If, like so many patients I see, you have had a negative response from your doctor regarding a hair and/or scalp problem, or you feel your concerns have not been given the attention or empathy they deserve, you should consider seeking advice from a trichologist.

Unfortunately trichology is not currently available on the NHS, but many people are at a loss as to where to turn when their GP is unable to help. Hair and scalp problems can be highly emotionally distressing, and consequently vast amounts of time and money can be wasted on “miracle cures” in the pursuit of finding a solution. For many, the first port of call is ‘Dr Google’, but this is clearly an unsatisfactory means of diagnosis, as every case is individual, and there is no way of knowing the credentials of the author of any information you may find online. Frequently, the information is purely opinion-based.

It is in this respect that a trichologist, a hair and scalp specialist, is there to help. With specialist training, and direct experience in a wide range of hair and scalp problems, a trichologist can sympathetically diagnose and reassure. Whilst a GP has only a very limited amount of time for consultation with each patient, a trichologist will be able to listen to your concerns in an unhurried manner.

Shuna Hammocks Trichology ClinicAt Shuna Hammocks Trichology, you will be treated with respect and support from your first visit. You can be assured that all matters discussed will be in the strictest confidence. In the beautiful listed building of The Priory, you will enjoy a relaxed environment with professional yet sensitive staff. The diagnosis you receive will be honest, and suggested treatments will be accompanied by realistic expectations. Often specific blood tests may be required, in order to find any underlying factors affecting your condition, but I usually prefer to see patients for consultation before carrying these out.

Following your initial visit, you will receive ongoing support and treatment, with follow-up appointments as and when necessary, to monitor progress and review your prescriptions. You can be assured that I am always here to discuss any concerns you may have, either via telephone or email.

If you would like to make an appointment, or wish to discuss anything further before making a booking, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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