Reality or Myth: Hair Loss Could Be The First Sign You Have Heart Disease?

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Male Pattern Hair LossWhen I read the article on Guardian about connection between hair loss and heart disease, I was rather irritated to hear this “old news” dragged up once again, this study has various flaws in it and contradicts itself.

This study suggests there MAY be a connection between heart disease and androgen dependant Alopecia:

A review of studies involving almost 40,000 men has found that those with male pattern baldness – losing hair from the crown of their head – had up to a 70 cent increased risk of heart disease. The younger they were when they lost their hair and the greater the extent of their baldness, the higher their risk.

I can’t in any way believe this to be so. I have years of experience with men sufferers of this, ranging from 14-80 years of age. All men who inherit this predisposition trigger at puberty therefore for anyone to claim there is a correlation between circulation (which hasn’t been medically proven to be a causative factor) should be discounted.

Men with receding hairlines can relax, however, as evidence shows they are not affected – or only slightly.

“Receding hairlines” (I am really cross at this statement) is the same condition as “going thin/balding on top” are they deliberately trying to pull the wool over the readers eyes or do they simply mis-understand how ADA progresses? Male pattern thinning starts on the temple region first in stage I, then stage II is the crown involvement (it then progresses).

I can imagine these research staff overseas would like to spread the word about how their studies are progressing, it’s just a shame they didn’t consult a Trichologist or at least examine genuine patients WITH this condition rather than perhaps throwing statistics on a blog!

Researchers found 850 studies examining the link published over the last 60 years. However, only six were of high quality and were selected for the review. Four were conducted in the US, one in Denmark and one in Croatia.

Why would someone write ” 850 studies published” ( to wow the reader)? And then say ” only 6 were high quality” shows how much rubbish is thrown around about this subject! Says who, in their opinion- We have not heard from these since.

If I sent everyone of my male patients to see their GP to have a heart attack risk assessment, I would very quickly loose the good reputation I have.

Final note from Shuna:
An individual does not “partially” have MPB- you inherit, it triggers and the process begins- rather than this clumsy description “he has a bit of thinning here where as the next person has nothing on top”

The link is borne out by the fact that minoxidil, one of the most popular drugs for baldness, was originally developed as a drug to reduce high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease.

The fact that Minoxodil was originally given to lower blood pressure and as a side effect grew a little hair- is why it’s used in some treatments full stop. Minoxodil topically acts as a vasodilator, to sometimes accept topical hormones also- NOT because the scalp is lacking oxygen and nutrients- why only the anterior region would be effected if this were the case!

I have no doubt that this study is trying to shock the reader to consult, a company who perhaps sponsors them or that will result in a gain for them ” to prevent a heart attack” would cardio vascular specialists not of considered this?!!

A spokesperson for the British Heart Foundation (BHF), said bald men should not be alarmed by the findings. “More research is needed to confirm any link. In the meantime, it’s more important to pay attention to your waist line than your hair line.”

The British Heart foundation has dismissed this study and so have I, such a shame that not everyone carries the same high ethical standards as I do!

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