How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Summer?

How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Summer?

At long last bar-b-q season has arrived! While rescuing the parasol from the back of the shed and buying more charcoal, spare a thought for your flowing locks!

At Shuna Hammocks Trichology, I often see hair loss in women, itching scalps and patients asking which supplements are good for the hair- but frequently hair that is either generally out if condition or over processed.

This is known as “weathering”, it can be due to over use of various heated styling products, not enough preventative care, rough grooming, negligence on behalf of the hairdresser or wait for it….and we have…..the sun!

It’s strange that in a world so acutely aware of the risks involved in baring the skin in the sun, the media exposure of SPF and anti ageing lotions that scalp hair is too often neglected. A hat alone is not sufficient!

The radiation from the sun produces endorphins that really lift our mood and give us a vital boost of vitamin D, however the cuticles of the hair shaft however are under attack, massively so if you have either naturally blonde or highlighted hair, due to the hair already being more porous and likely to break- often resulting in split ends.

Philip Kingsley makes a fantastic product called “swim cap cream” which is available at Shuna Hammocks Trichology- which protects the hair in the sun, sea and swimming pool water. This prevents colour fade and dehydration and stops the terrible green colour that blonde hair can turn after being in chlorinated water.

So the ultimate hair care routine at this time of the year would be; put away the irons and tongs, reduce the heat of your hair dryer ( if you really can’t do without it) throw away all bristle brushes that are too aggressive on the hair, extend the time between each hair colour/tint and use a weekly deep conditioning mask such as Elasticizer (PK).

By following this advice, you can actually improve the condition of your hair and the way it shines, during the summer!

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