Can Smoking Really Cause You To Lose Your Hair?

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There is really no hard evidence to support this, however some people believe that smoking can clog the pores on the scalp.

Another theory about why smoking could cause hair loss is that nicotine and carbon monoxide – substances found in cigarettes – restrict the flow of blood and oxygen to the body’s extremities, including the hair follicles.

This is by no means the only theory as to how smoking could influence hair loss: an alternative explanation is that smoking can damage hair follicles’ DNA, having a negative influence on the hair.

Smoking most defiantly has negative effects on the body in general, premature ageing of the skin and loss of elasticity in the tissue surrounding the mouth for example. It can affect the way certain vitamins uptake and store which can in turn cause deficiencies and lead to hair loss.

If hair loss runs in the family/ is genetically inherited it is more likely to be the cause than smoking. However it is understandable that many would associate unsociable habits with changes to the body such as hair loss, but in most cases this is untrue.

Experiencing hair loss could be indicative of a more serious underlying medical condition. As hair is a marker of disease trichologist’s need to be able to distinguish the symptoms displayed and whether a referral is necessary. If the individual is suffering from hair loss is in otherwise good health, has no family history of baldness, it is wise to investigate possible causes. Shuna Hammocks could arrange a referral to a suitable specialist Doctor locally who has a “special interest in hair” as unfortunately not all do.

So in conclusion of the above mentioned, smoking does not directly cause hair loss, but could prove to be a contributing factor. It may leave your hair not only smelling of nicotine but potentially dryer and more porous. For a holistic review of your hair, whether to address a concern or to simply look after your tresses and prevent damage in the sun- contact Shuna Hammocks Trichology for expert, professional and understanding approach.

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