5 Healthy Hair top tips, are you going to MARCH towards them?

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Forgive the title of this piece, but as an ex Wren, Shuna feels a natural affinity to any discipline, routine, and razor sharp creases in her shirts!

While the way you care for your laundry is a personal choice the first two matters on the list are so important in the everyday care of your “crowning glory”.

Hair Loss Treatment West Sussex

  • Discipline To follow to the advice given to alter the things you are unhappy with about your hair, such as hair loss conditions.
  • Routine As regularly washing the hair, taking a good multivitamin and omega 3 supplements daily, frequently easting a good mix of different food groups and deep conditioning mask weekly.
  • Whether your complaint is about an irritated scalp, male hair loss, female hair loss, thinning hair or your tresses are simply out of condition; – a good hair care regimen is so important.
  • In the clinic Shuna suggests to the patients who consult her that the use saw cut combs (rather than those made in two halves and stuck together which can break the hair), non-bristle brushes and minimising on the amount of heat applied to the hair is a good start.
  • The discipline reference can evoke fear in many, although in order for the advice and treatments for hair loss and scalp conditions (such as Psoriasis and eczema) to have maximum benefit, at Shuna Hammocks Trichology we ask patients to follow the written instructions and to remain in close contact for the support we know each sufferer benefits from.
  • Shuna comments I am lucky to not only have a wealth of experience to draw on when diagnosing each condition, but also a toolbox of available treatments which can be used at home or in the clinic environment.

She continues by quoting “another military habit I still stand by, is to be straight talking when my opinion is sought and yet knowing exactly when and how to listen.

Many of my patients have consulted medical professionals or alternative services alike, who either haven’t REALLY listened or been too busy to give the individual time to explain their case- I promise that will never be the case in my practice!”

So if any reader feels like “walking the plank” over their hair, please don’t despair- we are waiting to help you.

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