Testimonial from John


After several years of suffering from a very itchy and often inflamed scalp my wife recommended that I look for a local trichologist. Shuna Hammocks Trichology came up straight away on Google & I emailed an introduction to Shuna who replied promptly with confidence and interest that she could help me. I had previous used a wide variety of shampoos that had no positive effect.
My first visit was very thorough with me talking through the history of the problem and about any factors that could have influenced it in a very relaxed environment. I had a treatment & then took away the recommended shampoo and scalp application which I have used ever since. My scalp improved quickly and I have not encountered any of the compulsive itching for the last 15 months (since my first visit). I continue to visit every few months as the chronic condition remains (but to a much smaller extent)
I’ve been really happy with the treatment and products and would recommend Shuna Hammocks Trichology to anyone with similar conditions.

John, Worthing

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