Testimonial from Marguerite


Margueritte | Hair Loss Treatment | Shuna Hammocks TrichologyFor many months I had personal concerns about my scalp and decided to search the internet for a local Trichologist, and to my great fortune, I found a practice within 20 minutes from where I live.
Shuna Hammocks Trichology is set in beautiful surroundings, The Priory is a unique Grade II listed building that has been sympathetically refurbished and converted to office space with extensive car parking within the central open courtyard.
The first time I spoke to Shuna was by telephone to make an appointment and we instantly clicked. When I eventually met Shuna Hammocks, Consultant Trichologist, she had a calming influence and put me at ease, a very caring and professional lady, who sat and listened and informed me very well of my condition.
I came away from my first appointment happy and more positive.
I now class her as my friend than my Consultant, and I would highly recommend her. She has definitely renewed my confidence. Thank you Shuna !

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