Testimonial From Sally


I noticed that I was losing a copious amount of hair in Spring of last year (2012). I also noticed that my hairline had retreated alarmingly and I had taken to wearing head bands to keep my hair to hide the ‘baldness’. I went to see my GP in June who put it down to my “getting older” and probably having hair loss in the family. He was disinterested, but I eventually insisted on referral to a Consultant.
I was totally disillusioned by the uncaring attitude of both the GP and Consultant, neither of whom appeared to understand the effect of hair loss on a middle aged woman.
My husband looked for alternatives and he had discovered Shuna at Shuna Hammocks Trichology.
By the time I got to Shuna , I was desperately unhappy about my worsening hair problems. What a relief it was to meet her and be assured, after an extensive consultation, that she could help me. I was so impressed with the effective and professional care that she showed, and continues to show me.
I am now sporting 3 inches of lovely new hair and the condition of all my hair has improved enormously, which has done wonders for my self- esteem.
I would thoroughly recommend Shuna Hammocks Trichology to anyone with hair concerns.

Sally, Seaford

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