How Hair Pieces / Wigs Can Help With Hair Loss?

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Hair loss and hair thinning can be very stressful for both men and women. This is understandable because our appearance is closely linked to our feelings and self-esteem.

Some people believe that to wear a wig or hair piece is the only option available to them, however, Consultant Trichologist, Shuna Hammocks has never said to any of her patients that the only option is to wear a wig.

At Shuna Hammocks Trichology we look at each individual case and offer bespoke hair loss treatments to ensure every patient receives the best for them.

Wigs and Hair pieces are useful for a quick confidence booster and they can make the person feel more in control of their hair loss.

From a psychological point of view if the condition is caused by an emotional issue and the presence of patches of hair loss causes further trauma- a temporary hair piece can often break the cycle and the hair can have a better chance of spontaneously regrowing.

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