Hair Loss Treatment For Women Over 40?

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Androgen Dependant AlopeciaWhile we see women of all ages at Shuna Hammocks Trichology, the majority of these women are over 40 years of age.

There are many possible reasons for hair loss in women over 40 including; deficiency loss, hormonal imbalances, medication side effects, genetic thinning, scarring, alopecia and more. Most women will suffer from some sort of hair loss at a particular time in their life and that is why visiting a Trichologist is important.

During a consultation, Shuna Hammocks at Shuna Hammocks Trichology will thoroughly examine both the hair and scalp to determine the course of action. What is essential when diagnosing in consultation, is to compare the hair growth in different locations of the scalp and how the density varies. Many patients complain that the scalp has become more visible and the hair in certain areas is a less effective camouflage than it previously was.

At Shuna Hammocks Trichology, we have a variety of hair loss treatments that could help regrowth of hair in women over 40.

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