The Approach I Take With Hair Loss Following Cancer Treatment

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The Approach I Take With Hair Loss Following Cancer Treatment

I am Shuna Hammocks, a married Sussex born mother of two. In my professional life I am a consultant trichologist who specialises in all matters regarding the hair and scalp.

Every day I diagnose and treat conditions such as Psoriasis, eczema, chronic hair shedding and female pattern thinning (to name a few). However this article is to address 2 of the most emotive and potentially image changing conditions a woman can face- cancer and the hair loss very often associated with it.

As the individual asking this question will be aware from their Oncologist: Radiotherapy rarely affects the hair, other than slightly altering the texture. However, chemotherapy often causes the hair to fall out. Hair loss also depends on other factors such as:

The type of drug or combination of drugs you are taking, the dose, your individual sensitivity to the drug, your drug treatment in the past.

In some cases a cold cap can be worn during radiation, which can sometimes prevent hair loss, but not always.

In most cases, after chemotherapy the hair will grow back. The time in which hair takes to regrow varies from person to person. Some people find that their hair grows back curly when before it may have been straight or vice versa! Others find that the hair is a totally different colour.

I advise that following the completion of chemotherapy, a period of three months is left before arranging your first visit to Shuna Hammocks Trichology. You may self-refer as unfortunately there are no Trichologists on the NHS at present.

During your hour consultation I will enquire as to various aspects of your general health, medication, lifestyle, nutrition and hairdressing requirements. I thoroughly examine your hair and scalp to attain the most precise indication of how your hair will respond. This is carried out in a professional but comfortable and relaxed environment.

I am more than happy to correspond with your Oncologist and/or GP whichever is relevant.

I strive to treat each patient as an individual, where a bespoke treatment plan is prepared with your condition and lifestyle in mind. Some treatments can also be carried out at home, full written instructions are provided and most importantly- email and phone support following your appointment. This is backed up further with a mail order service and periodic clinic treatments (where applicable) and check-ups in order to assess your hair responds.

I look forward to ANY enquiries you may have.

My Qualifications

  • Member of the Institute of Trichologists
  • Member of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists
  • Qualified Phlebotomist

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