Young Girl Worried About Increased Facial Hair

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Young Girl Worried About Increased Facial Hair


I’m a 13 years girl, I have a girl moustache and horrible side burns and a little hair between my eyebrows. I have hair on my back, chest, hands, & toes, what can I do about this? All this hair makes me feel REALLY ugly and makes me think that I’ll never get a boyfriend, & what also makes it worse it that I’m fat, & ugly & I’m a shy person. I want to get laser hair removal but it’s expensive. Is there anything I can do that will PERMANENTLY get rid of all the hair?

Shuna’s Answer

Many young girls experience acne, increased and/or pigmented facial hair, irregular, absent or heavier periods. As all of these points play a huge part in our self- confidence and lifestyle, they are considered life impacting! There is an enormous amount of help out there to discover why these changes are occurring and how to treat and sometimes eliminate them.

My first action with a patient consulting me about hair loss with these symptoms would be to arrange specific blood tests and then arrange a referral to an Endocrinologist. Tests would include: testosterone, FSH, Lipid profile, SHBG, Prolactin as I suspect based upon what you have discussed, that you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and would very much benefit from taking a low dose of hormone which could control these symptoms by way of blocking the Androgens you are exhibiting sensitivity to.

I would imagine your hair is thinner at the frontal region of your scalp, the sides and rear not so much. You may find the scalp becomes very oily within a day of washing your hair- the specialist will be able to help you on dietary changes to help this also. I suggest you wash your hair daily in the meantime, reduce the dairy products you consume and try eating a little more animal protein than you are. This would be to both keep to low GI food groups and keep your iron storage (Ferritin) high to prevent anemia, which can occur when the blood shed is higher.

Obviously following blood tests, ultrasound and a thorough diagnosis of your medical condition- electrolysis may be your best option, however in my experience it is far better to investigate and deal with the reason for something rather than just cover up the cosmetic appearance.

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