Why Eating Balanced Protein Is Important For Hair Loss And Hair Regrowth?

Why Eating Balanced Protein Is Important For Hair Loss And Hair Regrowth?

Protein A class of molecules containing one or more chains of amino acids which form the chemical bonds that hair is made of.

Proteins are the cell’s “workers”. There are thousands of different proteins in the body which perform various different tasks. Some are used as building blocks. 80% of the chemical composition of your hair and nails is Protein Keratin. Due to this fact protein is such a vital component to the human body in general and it is essential that we have sufficient amount of it in our diet.

Balanced Protein & Hair Loss

Patients I see often ask how to stop hair falling, how to encourage hair regrowth and how to improve the strength of their hair. Amongst other specific advice, I advise them to adjust their diet in order to incorporate at least 2 portions of first class protein daily. This is an essential part of a healthy and balanced way of eating. It is possible in vegetarian diets to replace animal protein for plant derived (second class protein) version but these cannot store as efficiently as the animal based protein therefore needs to be consumed frequently. At Shuna Hammocks Trichology, there are many vitamin and mineral deficiencies to account for in forming a diagnosis for the condition presented.

As mentioned above, the chemical bonds of protein are what form the building blocks of our tresses, and it is these bonds which are altered in all chemical processes such as perms, relaxing, extensions. There are synthetic protein- based products available on the market which may be of a short term benefit to the hair. However, for your hair to look truly good, it has to be healthy from within.

Hair Loss Treatment At Shuna Hammocks Trichology

As the only Trichologist in Haywards Heath and indeed West Sussex, I am able to diagnose conditions such as thinning hair in men and women and discuss hair loss treatments. In the clinic treatments are carried out in order to demonstrate the use of products at home also. Philip Kingsley products from both the retail and prescription ranges are used.

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