How Can I Get My Hair Thicker?


My hair is scarily thin and I was wondering if there’s something in particular I can use to help. When I brush my hair, tie it up, wash it, a big clump of it comes out. I’ve stopped using head and shoulders cos apparently its bad for my hair. PS I’m 14.

Shuna’s Answer

I’m sorry to hear the distress you are experiencing with your hair. I hope you have spoken to your parents and a Doctor about this concern as it certainly warrants further investigation.

I suggest you request a full blood count (blood test) with thyroid profile (if family history of) and Serum Ferritin.

I suspect Telogen Effluvium, a nutritionally related hair problem. If you “Google” this, you will notice that it is possible to correct this at your age, relatively easily. You should definitely contact an experienced Trichologist and follow treatment accordingly.

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