Does Using Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?

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My hair has started dropping even though I am only in my mid-20s. My Dad reckons it is because I use hair gel. He says that when he was my age the same thing happened to him and it was due to his use of hair gel.

Two questions for you:

  • Does using gel cause hair loss?
  • What should I replace hair gel with: hair cream, hair wax etc?

Additional Details
I don’t think it’s hereditary because once my dad stopped using hair gel, his hair was fine. He is nearly 60 and still has healthy hair.

Shuna’s Answer

There are many reasons for hair loss and thinning hair. As it sounds like you have already “read up” on genetic hair loss- if (and only if) you have inherited the condition from either patent or grandparent – at your age you can massively slow down its progression.

As far as hair gel, mousse and waxes go- in most cases these are fine, it is highly unlikely (sorry to your Dad) that any external reason has caused what you complain of. The only way this could be a factor is if an individual used a product they were allergic/sensitive to – and their scalp developed a condition – still however very unlikely.

In any case, I suggest daily washing with shampoo and a healthy diet (2 portions of animal protein daily) and a good general multi vitamin is used.

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