A Personal Diary – My Hair Is Falling Out, What Shall I Do?

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A Personal Diary - My Hair Is Falling Out, What Shall I Do?

Week One

I’m losing more hair than usual, perhaps it’s something to do with my new shampoo or the tint I’ve just had? It’s worrying so I may wash it less, my hair has always been my crowning glory.

Month Later:

My hair has been falling for a month now and not slowing down. I notice it when I brush my hair, wash it, on the pillow, on my desk at work and even notice hairs falling onto my plate!

Perhaps I should talk to my Doctor (probably need to book 2 weeks ahead)!

6 Weeks Later:

My hair looks a third less in the bunch density now, the front hairline looks weak and there are lots of small hairs here – not sure if they are broken or trying to grow? I feel so tearful about my hair, almost too embarrassed to go out. I’ve stopped swimming now as my hair looks horrendous wet and the scalp shows more!

I’ve now been to see my Doctor and he said it looks fine, (despite not examining it) but will do a few blood tests. He said all came back “Normal” and the loss must be due to stress!

3 Months of Hair Fall:

I have now spent hundreds of pounds on various supplements claiming to help hair loss and nothing is helping, I’m at my wits end! I feel less of a woman, I don’t leave the house now as it feels like people are staring at me. The Dr has now prescribed anti depressants and I’ve no idea where to turn!

Word of Mouth:

Thanks to my darling friend, she’s told me the answer to my prayers! Trichology. When she said “which Trichologist do you use” I said “a what?” She went on to explain that this profession specialises in all matters of the hair and scalp- hallelujah!

Thanks to Google, I’ve found a local Consultant Trichologist. I’ve learned how important it is to be sure the choice of practitioner is adequately qualified. The Institute of Trichologists provides a detailed list of its members and where they practice.

As I live in Sussex and was impressed by the company Shuna Hammocks Trichology website and video testimonials. I chose the consultant Shuna Hammocks, owner of Shuna Hammocks Trichology.

Evening Following Consultation:

OMG! I wish that I had saved all the heartache, money and time I’ve wasted over my hair and come straight to a hair specialist! Within minutes of meeting Shuna, I knew I had come to the right place and that my worries would soon be over.

I urge anyone in a similar situation to me to contact a Shuna as soon as they find changes with their hair- she’s a delight!

Based on a true story described by one of our patients.

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