A week In The Life of a Testimonial Videographer

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A week In The Life of a Testimonial Videographer

Firstly I have to say I have the most interesting job. Each week is different. The things that I film and the people that I meet.

The current projects that I’m working on couldn’t be more different yet have something in common.

Day One – Monday

The First Shoot of the week is with business coaching company called CDI London. They help business increase their profit margins and create effective teamwork. My shoot with Jenny and Terry is based in two locations, New Milton in Hampshire then onto Pagham in Bognor. Both shoots are for testimonial films. In these two shoots I learn so much more about other businesses. One of Terry’s clients produces all the potted flowers for Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Marks & Spencer. Their business premises looks so beautiful and it does help that it was a particularly sunny day. It’s clear from this shoot that CDI London has worked some magic on the shop floor. All the staff members are highly motivated. This is also confirmed by the CEO’s glittering testimonial of Jenny and Terry and all the work that they have implemented. Once the testimonial and cutaway shots were complete it was off the second shoot.

Again CDI London had implemented some brilliant structures within the second business and the CEO was very happy to endorse Jenny and Terry. After that it was home time after quite a bit of travelling.

Day Two – Tuesday

Is a much needed day in the office. Catching up on the backlog of emails and messages from the day before. Plus editing from last week’s shoots. The day goes pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was off down to the Hove Cricket Ground for a monthly networking meeting. I look forward to these meetings, not just for the curry that is supplied, but meeting more business.

Day Three – Wednesday

Two weeks ago I landed the job of filming the Haywards Heath Hoardings project by Solum, the developers of the train station. Solum has commissioned a local artist to run workshops in local schools to produce bright and colourful hoardings around the worksite whilst it’s being built. This morning I’ve been filming the project from the start and will go on to create a documentary of the whole process. The great thing about this project is that it ties the community together. The rebuilding of the train station will affect every resident in the town. And an opportunity for the children to become “famous artists” is very magical. I truly enjoyed filming the children’s faces as they have been describing how excited they are about the prospect of showing their friends and family their artwork. They have also shown no bounds in their imagination and creativity and produced the most unique drawings. All the workshops have been run by the very talented Carlos Garde-Martin, whose creative style is very appealing to children.

Day Four – Thursday

Into London to Westfield’s shopping centre. Here I was filming the installation of the Hobbs window posters. My client, Riot of Colour, produces all the point of sales items in a range of retailers from Lipsy to Dune. The strange connection that this company has with the art project is that Riot of Colour can produce the finished hoarding boards that will surround the worksite. I have put the two companies together so they can liaise with working with each other.

So today I was on location as early as 7 am, ready to film the store installation from the start. It’s important that the store looks as complete as possible before Westfield’s open at 10 am. Unfortunately due to a few setbacks filming doesn’t start until 9am. The shoot then runs smoothly with a whole process captured on camera.

Then it’s on the train, back to Hayward’s Heath for the afternoon shoot.

I’ve been filming Amy for some time since she trained in Permanent Makeup. She uses all her films to best effect on her website and social media. I’m very pleased to say that her films have generated many leads and enquiries that have turned into successful clients. Amy uses a combination of films for her online marketing. Her mainstays are the client testimonial. I’ve recorded many shots of happy clients looking into the mirror for the first time and shrieking with delight. Amy is also very engaging to watch, she is passionate about what she does and is very driven. I always enjoy filming for Amy.

Day Five – Friday

The last day of the week comes just in time, but I can’t fully relax until my final shoot of the week is complete. Friday mornings shoot is at another school for the Solum Art project. Again I really enjoy being around the infectious nature of the children as they lap up the work set by artist Carlos. After 3 hours of filming drawings and interviews I pack my camera away for the last time this week.

I head home to upload the footage, recharge my batteries ready for next week and then pack my bag for a lovely weekend away with my family. We have a big treat in store this weekend. My parents have been happily married for 45 years this month so all the families got together to celebrate at Longleaf. After this week, some time off was much needed.

I wanted to share details of Bright Light Film Company, with my followers and patients. Clare Jones is a very competent, professional and general “out of the box ideas girl”. She has become a source of information and contact point, with innovative ideas and a mutually beneficial relationship as a fellow Sussex business woman. I have used Bright lights several times before and can’t imagine not having Shuna Hammocks Trichology TV to use as a marketing tool.

Thank you Clare.

Shuna x

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