Can Irregular Periods Cause Hair Loss?

Can Irregular Periods Cause Hair Loss?

Visitor’s Question:

I am 15-years old and having irregular periods for last few months now. I am also experiencing hair loss. When I run my hands through my hair, clumps of hair comes out and my hair is all over my cloths. I would like to now if there is a link between the two, and if it’s anything I should be worry about?

Shuna’s Answer:

Yes the two may well be connected, but rather than speculating or worse still consult “Dr Google”- I would really like to arrange a meeting with you to ask you more questions to advise you the best way forward.

Please start to keep a record of symptoms and the exact dates of period start/stop and severity. Also ask your Doctor refer you to a Gynaecologist for further investigations and possibly discuss ways to regulate the periods – more importantly to balance any hormone issues. This referral may take up to 3 months so I can see you with reference to the hair in the meantime.

I would like to see an iron status in the blood test – but I could arrange these privately. I already treated patients younger than you with similar complaints about the hair loss, we can stop the loss and improve your density also.

Please try not to worry about this, under my care you, and your hair, are going to be fine. Let us discuss further over the phone, your Mum will need to be present in the consultation please.

Thank you for sharing your upsetting and personal experience with me.

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