Can my doctor do anything to stop hair loss?

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Possibly. If you are lucky enough to have a GP who really listens to your concerns and understands how much distress hair loss causes women then they may investigate the reasons.

They may spend time questioning you about your diet and supplement history, examine your hair (to check the rate of loss) and arrange a blood test. There are many vitamins and minerals that can be assessed- beyond simply a full blood count and thyroid (as is so often the case)!

For example: Ferritin, B12, C’reactive protein, zinc for hair loss and vitamin D.

Shuna Hammocks has the opinion that shampoo for hair loss is a “con” and that it is totally impossible for a detergent (designed to wash the hair) can stimulate hair growth! “caffeine” for example carries no proof or scientific proof that it can elongate the Anagen (growth) phase or strength weaker / finer hairs.

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