I Am Losing Hair Faster After My Second Pregnancy. Can You Help?

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Visitor’s Question:


I have been suffering from hair loss. I suffered after my son was born 4 years ago and my hair eventually returned to normal. However, since my daughter was born 14 months ago my hair loss has been very bad. The doctors said I should give it a time when it started falling out and that a loss was normal. However as it is continuing I am now getting concerned, as a lot is falling out and my hair is getting very fine and you can see my scalp.

Can you please give me an idea treatment options with you?


Asked by Ms K

Shuna’s Answer:

Dear K,

Thank you for contacting Shuna Hammocks Trichology.

Many women contact me with exactly this concern, postpartum hair loss can often be assumed for too long after birth. I would be interested to examine your hair loss, how the hair is growing/speed and whether any blood tests were prudent. I also like to decipher if the loss is diffuse or more patterned.

Be rest assured tho that all can be treated and you can be sure I will be honest, sympathetic and supportive with your concerns.

Please read a blog written by my colleague Kelly, for interest: Kelly’s Diary – Pregnancy, Hair Loss & Me Part 1 and Part 2.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shuna Hammocks

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