Psoriasis and Eczema Can Be Stressful. Carol Praises Her Recovery At Shuna Hammocks Trichology


I first read about The Shuna Hammocks Trichology Clinic in a local magazine, it was an article about a lady who had suffered from psoriasis on the scalp. As I too was suffering quite badly from the same problem I checked out the website, phoned that day and made an appointment.

When I first visited the clinic I was suffering from several large areas of psoriasis on my scalp and losing a lot of hair in those areas, and the psoriasis was spreading. I had tried lots of different creams and shampoos from the chemist, and also steroid treatment from my doctor all of which had not helped or cured the problem. So it seemed as if there was no cure and if psoriasis continued I would eventually lose most of my hair and have to resort to wearing a wig.

But from my first treatment the plaques on my scalp were removed and have not returned, and now over a year later there has been no re occurrence of psoriasis, and my hair is back to as it was before.

I cannot thank Shuna Hammocks enough and would recommend Shuna Hammocks Trichology to anyone with any hair or scalp problems.

Carol Leach
One very grateful client

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