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Dear Shuna Hammocks,

I am nineteen and I have been noticed the texture of my hair changing for about 5 years now. It uses to be softer and wavy but now it is wiry, coarse and dead straight.

The hair starts changing from the bottom layer underneath and works its way up the top of the scalp, now only the very top surface layer of my hair is softer and wavy.

I have a good diet (I eat avocados, tuna, chicken, walnuts and almonds every week) I am physically fit and try to drink at least 1 litre of water a day. I have had a non-fasting blood test back and my vitamin levels are fine.

I think it might be hormone related because my hair started changing around when I was 15. I can’t find anything / similar cases on Google. Please help.

Best wishes
Miss K

Shuna’s Answer

Dear Miss K,

Thank you for your enquiry.

I hear this complaint often, there’s a possibility specific dietary frequencies are being missed, the tests carried out may not have included what I would look for. The condition may be hormone related, which I would be able to decipher following an examination.

There are external reasons also that affect the hair behaviour and there are some rate hair shaft abnormalities that can occur.

Following your hour consultation, I will be able to diagnose your condition and discuss it at length. Also, discuss all possible treatments with you.

Kind regards,
Shuna Hammocks

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