The Menopause Can Cause Many Changes To Our Bodies, One Of These Can Be Changes With The Hair Density!

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Question 1:

My hair has always been fine and thin, and my hairline is high. However, I have noticed recently that it has become worse and looks like it’s receding. I have been through the menopause and have had a lot of stress over the last few months. I think I need some sort of treatment to combat this problem.

Kind Regards,
Mrs P, Haywards Heath

Question 2:

Hello Shuna,
I have never had thick hair, always very fine, but a good coverage, but as some of your website is saying, yes I feel that since I went through early menopause when I was 40, which now I am 58, my hair has thinned all over. I have receded on my forehead, and on the crown of my head. The hair feels dry and wiry and is becoming increasingly hard to style. Is this something that happens as we grow older? I sincerely hope not as this (seemingly) sudden change in my hair is really effecting my self-confidence.

I would dearly like a consultation to find out if that is the cause, I would hate to lose my hair, and am very conscious of it, how do I book a first consultation, just to find out my problem, and then I can make a decision if I wish to continue treatment.

kind regards
Mrs N, Lindfield

Shuna’s Answer

Mrs P / Mrs N,

Interestingly most of my patients attend for a consultation with exactly the complaints you have, particularly those who are menopausal or post menopausal.

We all fall into one of three hair type categories- fine, medium or coarse. Whether the hair is pre disposed to thin or not ( in a specific pattern) is influenced genetically but can be successfully arrested and a cosmetically acceptable level of regrowth achieved also.

There are a few possible conditions that could be in place. During your hour consultation, I will be able to diagnose and discuss treatment. This may vary depending on the clinic and home regimen and on how much support and guidance you require.

For some patients, following discussion on their diet and examining the type of hair loss/growth blood tests may be required ( but bot always). I would like you to bring the names and doses of any prescription or alternative treatments you have recently taken.

For those taking HRT, there may be a more suitable one for you or in some cases, alternative therapy can “dilute symptoms”- we can discuss further face to face.

Kind Regards,
Shuna Hammocks

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