Shuna’s Radio Interview at Uckfield FM… Special Thanks to Tony Williams

Shuna's Radio Interview at Uckfield FM... Special Thanks to Tony Williams

I have been a guest on Uckfield FM now twice and wanted to share the second as a recording.

Most followers will appreciate how difficult specialist “Trichology” is and as a friend pointed out the other day “it doesn’t even appear on spell check!”

I have found both Sussex Living [1st, 2nd] and radio exposure very useful in spreading the word. I welcome any suggestions for talks and seminar locations, where best received in Sussex.

This episode mostly covered scalp conditions but when I appear on this station in a month I would love to read out your questions and answer as best I can.

Did you know, Uckfield FM is a voluntary run station? I was most impressed to hear how they are providing for their local listeners. Although the broadcast covers a 15 mile radius.

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