Itchy scalp? Hair loss and oily scalp? Here is your comprehensive guidance to Scalp Conditions!

Itchy scalp? Hair loss and oily scalp? Here is your comprehensive guidance to Scalp Conditions!

Following several enquiries I’ve received regarding scalp conditions I felt it prudent to try and touch on these in a blog.

There are many reasons for scalp conditions and the people who are searching for help with these symptoms usually ask for:

  • Scalp treatment at home following my diagnosis of your condition I may guide you on how you can make many alternations in your lifestyle, cleansing habits, diet and what you use on the scalp.
  • Itchy scalp treatment (therefore described as) itchy scalp conditions in general, it can be carried out either in Shuna Hammocks Trichology clinic or as discussed above at home. Some of these conditions especially if the patient has picked or scratched at the scale can feel tender and are described as needing sore scalp treatment.
  • Dry scalp treatment interestingly most scalp conditions are not in fact dry, in cases such as Psoriasis scalp treatments they actually are designed to address the increased skin cell turnover. Applying an excess of oils is not sufficient and may in fact, in the oils that are scented, exacerbate the inflammation associated with these scales. See photo below as a classic example of how Psoriasis scales present.
  • Eczema on scalp treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis, very exacting diet guidance, the use of anti inflammatory supplements and in cases such as this photo, use of anti-fungal treatments and shampoo. These can be supplied by prescription at Shuna Hammocks Trichology and support and guidance offered after your consultation and during your home treatment plan.
    This condition is caused by a yeast called pityrosporum ovale (also known as malassezia furfur) is found on the skin of people with seborrhoeic eczema.
  • Seborheic dermatitis scalp conditions, would most likely be described by someone who may have sensitive skin/scalp or who may have experienced a reaction to a tint or colour.
  • Scalp conditions that cause hair loss is a frequent complaint for anyone with a scalp problem. The constant itching may cause breakage to the hair shaft, the condition of the scalp tissue may even cause the hair to fall as a reaction to the skin cells shedding. This is usually a temporary hair loss but a qualified Consultant Trichologist will be able to advise you. Due to the strict code of ethics I follow with The Institute of Trichologists I can only deliver an honest opinion and give you realistic expectations of your condition and its chance of reoccurring or longer term management of it (if chronic).

Please watch the video, a testimonial from a Sussex trichology patient bout her scalp condition, thanks Carol.

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