World Wide Trichology: Hair Loss Is A Concern Around The Globe [Part 1]

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World Wide Trichology: Hair Loss Is A Concern Around The Globe [Part 1]

Hair loss conditions do not discriminate either with nationality, sex or age. In a world where stresses and anxieties surrounding normal day to day living increase and the pressure on us as individuals to achieve and perform in often inhumane ways. It is no surprise that our health, bodies and therefore hair will obviously suffer in one way or another.

Shuna Hammocks Trichology opened its doors in November 2011 in West Sussex; the UK following not only my, Shuna Hammocks, relocation from my London consultancy but also as the demand for qualified, ethically sound trichologists in the area was missing. The majority of contact I receive is from London at 22% followed by Brighton at 7% but with a 40mile radius of regular patient attendance, the word quickly spread in the main from a fantastic online presence. I quickly understood that while magazine, leaflet drops and radio were interesting “drip feed” channels for advertising, the word and quality of service provided was better spread via the internet. This portal also gives the opportunity for my personal interests and enthusiasm to come through, the written word in magazines can seem a little cold and removed (when I’m actually very much a hands on consultant).

With the addition in 2012 of two new members of staff, the service and catchment area was able to expand. Both from your parent perspective thank you Kelly for your pregnancy blogs and from your experienced hairdressing point of view, thank you Helen. I passionately feel all hairdressers should be affiliated with a trichologist, obviously, there are the horror stories where scalps can be burnt or hair over highlighted and breaks- however in most cases hair dresser may simply need guidance on what can be used in contact with a scalp condition undergoing treatment.

The Institute of Trichologists that I qualified with have a strict code of ethics that have to be adhered to in addition to following the membership guidelines as set out by The Royal Society of Medicine too. It is for this reason that patients are prepared to travel up to 2 hours to see myself and my staff as the reputation and experience satisfy any concerns of legitimacy. The Medical Defence Union and Society of Cosmetic Scientists would certainly not allow any pseudo clinics to become members.

With regard to the map of the world, I felt my colleagues may find it of interest just how far Shuna Hammocks Trichology services are marketed: I regularly receive enquiries from America, India, Canada and Ireland. Some patients can use a Skype service, obviously, such a service being remote cannot allow a thorough diagnosis, but I can offer a supportive guide especially to the best nutrition for optimum hair growth. However, the majority of new patients attend in person for a consultation in order for a diagnosis and suggested clinic or home treatment to begin.

There are often small changes to prescription medications I can request on the patient’s behalf, specific blood tests or cleansing routines that can make a difference to these conditions also.

Traffic by Age Group

[header_line]So how we did it?[/header_line] As I was new to the world of marketing I was introduced to an “SEO Guy” by a friend. I knew very little about the way Google worked and paid advertisements; certainly very little about blogging, and keywords.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Jinnat Ul Hasan from as without him, Shuna Hammocks Trichology would not have enjoyed the worldwide exposure it has. The awareness of Trichology, in general, has expanded and I am enjoying a business which is going from strength to strength in our 4th year of trading. You are an awesome Whizz and read Google’s behaviour and constant alterations like a third language!

How wonderful therefore to find someone to patiently coach and listen. I knew how I wanted both my new website to look and thought that was it!! I quickly learnt that was just the start and in order to gain a good online presence, some hard work has to be done.

It’s been more than three years. Within the last 8 months from an SEO stance:

  • 66% of visitors from UK
  • 13.8% from USA
  • 2.6% from India

I find it most interesting not only to identify the lifestyle habits of my key market but also the trend that has changed in the way that the public uses social media and devices. Within the same period, most visitors contacted via the online enquiry form via desktop 50% (perhaps from work in the lunch break) most who attend the clinic who work, do so in London, whereas 35% contacted via a mobile.

I hope Hasan will explain his ‘technical stuff’ in a sponsored post next.

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