I’m concern about my small red spots appearing on my scalp. Is this symptoms of Folliculitis?

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I hope you can help me, I have small red spots appearing on body mainly on my scalp. I visited GP a couple of years ago who gave me prescription shampoos and lotions that didn’t help.

The GP said these spots are nothing to worry about but they are both sore and embarrassing to me. This started 4 years ago and is causing patches of hair loss and I’m concerned maybe this is Folliculitis.

Please, can you advise the best course of action?


Folliculitis - Hair Loss Treatment

You may have Folliculitis, however, it would neither be professional nor thorough of me to diagnose without a consultation to examine the scalp.

There are several possible scalp conditions you may have including (but not limited to) eczema, seborrheic eczema, dermatitis and depend upon your age group, diet, lifestyle and whatever medications you take. I would also include the way you cut and frequency you wash the hair (and what with) and also which styling products are used.

An hour consultation would cover this and other factors and enable me to discuss treatments with you. As trichology is a holistic profession, all matters are relevant to the hair and scalp and will aid an accurate treatment and later management of your scalp condition.

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