“My confidence has increased dramatically….” – what else Liz said about hair thinning treatment with Shuna


Thanks to Liz, please read the following if you are a woman experiencing hair loss and interested in the results Shuna Hammocks Trichology can achieve.

Liz - Hair Thinning TreatmentMy hair started to thin when I was in my 30’s and I put this down to a stressful job in the City and the long hours and commuting that I was having to do. It reached a point that it was really affecting my self confidence and making me feel very low, so I visited my GP. I had tried different products and supplements but nothing seemed to work and my GP simply said it was stress and something I’d have to live with.

I looked into seeing a trichologist but they all seemed horrendously expensive and in London but then I found Shuna locally, here in Haywards Heath. I was instantly reassured that I had found someone that could offer me both support and professional help at a price I could afford.

Initially, to just have someone listen and take you seriously instantly gives you a boost. My hair thinning got worse after I had my children, which is fairly normal post pregnancy but the treatment that Shuna put me on has totally turned things around for me. My progress in the last couple of years has been quite dramatic and I now have hair that’s as thick and long as when I was in my 20’s. My confidence has increased dramatically and I’m maintaining progress with visits to Shuna 4 times a year.

It was, without doubt, the best appointment I have ever made and I would urge anyone… no matter how young or old, male or female… to give Shuna a call if they are worried about hair loss.

Liz x

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