5 Tips For Beautiful Winter Hair

5 Tips For Beautiful Winter Hair

Wow, how cold has it suddenly turned? And with everything else you have to get done at this time of year as we approach Christmas, how can you stop the cold weather turning every day into a bad hair day? Well the good news is that by taking a few simple steps and spending just a little time on yourself, it’s not that hard to have beautiful winter hair:

Eat well and your hair will love you

You don’t have to spend lots of money or use multiple hair products to achieve great hair because the strength of your hair actually starts with your diet. Try and make sure you eat at least 2 portions of protein daily and keep your vitamin c levels high to improve your immune system.

And don’t forget to drink lots of water because that will also help you to maintain great hair.

Protect your hair

The condition of your hair massively reflects the way you feel about yourself but there are times, that you just want to throw on some old clothes and nip to the shops. So rather than worry about bad hair or being spotted by the one person you didn’t want to be spotted by, why not throw on a hat or scarf to cover up. The good news is that this actually protects your hair from the elements and some of the damage that the weather can inflict, as well as saving you time and a whole lot of hassle!

Limit the damage

Another very important point for you to consider is the way you style your hair. Hot hair dryers and straightening irons tend to get extra use as the party season approaches but have you ever thought about the damage they do? Try turning your hair-dryer heat down, allow your hair to dry naturally as much as possible and please, bin those pesky irons!

Treat your hair to some intensive care

You’ve probably got the heating on now and as the temperature outside slowly falls these extremes are detrimental to your hair and could even make it porous and dry. Apart from washing your hair regularly, try a weekly intensive conditioning product. This conditions at a deeper level than a daily conditioner and can help replace some of the moisture lost in these cold winter months.

Be mindful

Ok so I know you are really busy but my last tip is to allow time for yourself during the festive period. I know it’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed with Christmas plans but introducing a little Mindfulness into your daily routine can not only help to keep you calm but allows you just a little bit of head space to regather your thoughts and remain sane over the next few months.

If you’d like some advice about any of these tips and how to manage your hair and make sure it looks stunning this Christmas, just get in touch on 01444 448 082 or by sending us online enquiries.

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