Experiencing Hair Loss? Is it your Thyroid?

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Hair loss can be devastating, whether it’s a little or a lot and many people feel too embarrassed to seek help. But finding out what’s causing it, isn’t necessarily difficult and is the first step towards helping your hair to recover.

There are a number of different causes of hair loss and one of the main culprits can be if you have either an under-active or over-active thyroid. And a thyroid problem can result in all sorts of other symptoms so here’s what to look out for:

Underactive Thyroid hair Loss

Hair Changes

Has your hair become drier, and coarse to the touch? Is it falling out or have you noticed it getting thinner. There are many possible triggers of this including hormonal changes and it’s important to seek advice about what may be causing it.


Is your skin very dry and even scaly in patches? Is this affecting either your body, hands or even your scalp?

Bowel problems​

Constipation and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. You may not connect these with your hair loss but they could be part of the problem. The way in which various vitamins and nutrients are absorbed can be effected by disturbances with the bowel and this in turn can lead to deficiencies which cause hair loss.

Menstrual Irregularities

A typical symptom of a thyroid problem is heavier, more frequent and painful periods.

These symptoms can also mimic Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and endometriosis-conditions and can all be relevant if you are struggling with hair loss.

Weight Gain​

Yet another symptom of an under active thyroid and other conditions. It’s very common when we meet someone for the first time for this to be something that they’re struggling with or have noticed and if we think you have a gynaecological condition, we can also make the appropriate referral as well as tackle your hair loss.

Blood tests

At Shuna Hammocks Trichology we can carry out a simple blood test (or your GP may be able to), to put your mind at rest and confirm a diagnosis. The results are back within a few days and here at Shuna Hammocks Trichology the test will include: Free T3, T4, Free T4, TSH and Thyroid anti bodies.

There are lots of other symptoms of an over or under active thyroid which can also include feeling cold, fatigue, weight gain and thinning eyebrows. If any of these sound familiar or you’re struggling with hair loss then it’s important to make an appointment to see us. We’ll ask you lots of questions about your symptoms and medical history, and help get to the bottom of why your hair is thinning or falling out. And once we’ve done that, we can then put in place a treatment programme to help get your hair back to looking beautiful.

If you’d like some advice about hair loss, just get in touch on 01444 448 082 or by emailing ​info@sussextrichologyu.co.uk

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