How to stop hair thinning?

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I have recently received many enquiries regarding the subject of thinning scalp hair and hair thinning solutions so felt I should address many of these questions here. As a Consultant Trichologist, I love my profession but hate what hair loss does to the sufferer emotionally.

In the 17 years I have been involved in the world of hair and scalp conditions, it would be easy to become rather cavalier in diagnosing (confidently as I have seen most conditions over the years) and treating successfully. I feel my success is partially due to keeping my ear to the ground and listening carefully to the words patients use when explaining their condition, often there is a lack of self-esteem (either because of or due to the hair loss and their changing appearance).

What are the hair thinning causes?

There are many reasons for hair loss including deficiencies, medication side effects and traction loss. This also covers the question why is my hair thinning. Obviously, to be both professional and thorough, I would insist on seeing you in the clinic for an hour consultation, involving a hair and scalp examination, in order for me to diagnose your condition and discuss your bespoke treatment in full.

How to stop hair thinning? (Also asked as) What type of hair thinning treatment do you offer?

This again depends on the cause, therefore, I can only talk generally. In the cases of female pattern thinning in most cases this condition can be successfully treated with topical anti-androgens and the patient can, therefore, expect to maintain the density of hair with most enjoying an increase in volume also.

Hair thinning in men

Is there anything that can be done? Yes there is plenty, depending on the degree your hair loss is affecting you and how much you want to do about it. Please watch this video as you can both hear from a patient with this concern and see me “in action” treating him.

Would a hair thinning shampoo help?

In a word no, please do not waste your time and money on items that sound too good to be true, they without exception will be. In every single case it is better to be guided specifically with your medical history, allergies and sensitivities and hair loss condition in mind.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel the timing is right for you to invest the time and care in your hair. I am waiting with my team to help you.

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