I was addicted to fizzy water. Could there have been a link to my abnormal thyroid and hair thinning?

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My hair is thinning. My GP did a blood test to check my thyroid. It came back as borderline. I had a repeat blood test 6 weeks later and the results were normal again. The only thing that was different in my life before my hair started thinning was an addiction to fizzy water! I drank it by the bucket loads everyday!!! I stopped drinking it after my abnormal thyroid blood results and I haven’t touched it since. Could there have been a link?

I’m a 36 yr old female with naturally curly and thick hair, but my hair is half as thick as it was a year ago and it’s really upsetting me. I lose so much when I handle it dry, and when I wash it. Also my scalp always feels uncomfortable when I tie my hair up for work… No matter how loosely I tie it / plait it.

Shuna’s Answer

In a word no, not unless you were very dehydrated from the salts in it and as a result the uptake of various vitamins and minerals from your diet was effected, highly unlikely.

There are many relevant bloods to be tested in your situation/ with your symptoms and thyroid is just one of these. During an hour consultation we would discuss more about your diet, family history and lifestyle where I could expand upon this and guide you.

You may be causing a little traction on your hair by tying it up or simply breaking it – it is most difficult an unethical for me to guess before examining your hair. If there is a generalised reduction in the volume of the hair without the previous mentioned issues then a blood test may be useful. If you could request a copy of your most recent results to bring to your first appointment with me, this would be really helpful. If further tests are required, I can write to your GP or you can have the tests done privately here in the clinic.

I look forward to seeing you at my clinic for a consultation.

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