Awesome Autumn Hair Care Tips For You

Awesome Autumn Hair Care Tips For You

Autumn is on its way, so it is a great time to remind you all of good hair care going into a new season.

Hair Damage Caused by The Sun
We are all certainly missing the increased levels of vitamin D the sun affords us! So many patients of mine are experiencing the ill effects of various deficiencies including those found in the hair with a lack of vitamin D3. According to The Vitamin D Council, vitamin D has so many health benefits. Those that interest me in the world of hair, are that it’s beneficial as an anti-inflammatory (so many scalp conditions are due to the scalp and internal inflammation), it plays a vital role in the formation of the hair follicle, so its integrity is affected by the lack of. Vitamin D also produces feelings of low self-esteem (or even depression) which will also negatively impact on a patient’s hair growth cycle (or their perception of it). Many people use “S.A.D. Lamps” in the winter months although there is no proof of their efficacy in raising vitamin D levels, perhaps the placebo effect boosts morale generally.

For those who complain of dry hair caused by the sun, over use of straightening irons and perhaps under use of sun protection for your tresses , I wanted to share that in addition to a Trichologist successfully diagnosing and treating hair loss and scalp conditions I also advise and treat broken and damaged hair.

At Shuna Hammocks Trichology, I like to bring my 16 years of London experience to Sussex, so that there is no need to rush and buy “the latest must have product” and it is unnecessary to spend hours in the bathroom either. In fact only a few weeks ago I consulted a patient who spent up to 3 hours twice a week creaming, oiling and conditioning their hair to still experience broken and damaged hair. I like to strip the routine back to basics and ask my patients to simply carry out a straight forward routine that’s designed with the individual lifestyle and requirements in mind. The patient mentioned now saves over 5 hours a week and is enjoying hair well on the road to recovery.

As the season changes and the children are back to School, it is time to care about you and your hair care routine?
As a mother I know that time to myself is very rare, however, I really believe that taking time just once a week to deeply condition your hair will help improve the condition of the hair. In addition to every wash reduce the use of heat styling, that your hair will thank you for it as we approach the winter, Trichologists specialize in this too.

Top tips to improve the condition and prevent winter drying of the hair

  • Reducing the temperature of your hair dryer and holding it a head’s distance away.
  • Perhaps finger dry rather than yanking your wet, vulnerable locks through an aggressive bristle brush.
  • And finally the best of all (brace yourselves) ditching the straightening irons. If you were really brave and deep conditioned your hair 1-2 times a week, increased your protein intake to 2 portions of animal a day (or 5 portions a day if veggie), took a multi vitamin, washed the hair daily and allowed it to partially “air dry” before drying on a lower setting. Within a month you would feel the hair in better condition and notice the shine returning. Continue this healthier routine for 3 months and not only should you see an average 7.5cm of perfect condition regrowth but have hair that is stronger and more resilient to the weather. Also in better health!

I feel that the knowledge of your hair being in perfect condition with no breakage or visible “fuzz” when standing in strong sunlight (caused often by irons that are too hot for the hair to stand)- totally outweighs what many perceive to look as a smart straight neat look achieved in seconds via these “dreaded metal demons”! The longer term investment in caring for your hair to me is vital compared to controlling the hair by gradually burning the hair to a split end death!

You can read a testimonial from a patient of mine who feel this approach and many other tips, have helped to restore their hair back to the way it “used to feel” if not in most cases even better than ever!

If you would like to consult me to discuss the condition of your hair, hair loss or scalp condition, please contact me for further information.

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