Hair loss after accidentally bleaching my hair at the salon. Can you help restoring my hair?

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Hair loss after accidentally bleaching my hair at the salon. Can you help restoring my hair?

Visitor’s Question

I recently had my hair coloured at a salon, I told the stylist, I didn’t want any bleach highlights in my hair, only tint. After waiting 45 minutes, with colour on my hair, it was rinsed off. When I looked at my hair I could see, the ridges where the foils had been and after it had been dryed, I could feel kinks under the hair near the scalp, and it was very frizzy underneath.

Now I have hair loss, and breakage, I am very down and sad, about this, I used to have lovely hair, but now it’s broken, lifeless, and dull, I am very worried as I don’t think my hair will be strong enough to have a colour in the near future.

Can you give me some advice as to what I can do thank you?

Shuna’s Answer

I am sorry for the recent trouble you’ve had. I can certainly help you.

It is obviously difficult for me to guide you without actually seeing and examining your hair but I will give you some pointers.

The tint colour may have contained a degree of peroxide which is most likely from your description of the breakage. Other factors to consider are the handling of the hair, whether you use too much heat or aggressive bristle brushes that can damage the cuticle of the hair. The time of year is worth mentioning as the sun will have also caused the hair to become more porous and lifted in tone (as with the action of a bleach). This should have reduced the time the colour needed to “take” and reduced the need for heat accelerator machines.

If I were to examine your hair, I would be able to decipher between what volume has been lost by breakage and what is a true loss. Please try not to worry too much, I am most sure I can help you in some way.

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