I am dithered about my son’s recent hair loss. Can you help him to understand his situation and reduce the hair loss?

My 22-year old son is losing hair and it is seriously affecting his self-esteem. Do you think you may be able to help him?

Visitor’s Question

I have dithered for several weeks and now I may have run out of time. My son (21) is fearing he has hair loss – especially as my husband began losing his hair at around 17. We discussed your services and would like to book him a consultation as a gift as he would like to at least know what is going on.

Shuna’s Answer

I would be delighted to consult your son, an hour consultation would allow me the time to question him on his health, lifestyle, family history (further) and examine his hair and scalp. Following this, I would explain the diagnosis and ways in which treatment can help. This may be in the clinic setting or for home use, depending on his condition and its severity.

I suspect he has male pattern thinning but would like to be sure during his visit, as there are other hair loss conditions that could occur alongside this also.

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