It started one patch of hair loss on the top of her head. Now she has more. Can you help my daughter?

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Visitor’s Question:

My daughter is 27, and last Christmas lost her hair in one patch on the top of her head. This subsequently regret then again a couple of months ago at the back she developed more. I want to help her as has been seen by a doctor but has been unable to get answers or guidance. Thank you.

Shuna’s Answer:

Thank you for contacting me, and I’m sorry to hear about the hair loss your daughter has/is suffering from. There are a few possible conditions here, including the patches you mention.

I would be interested in both examining the patches to see the scalp status, also to look into the rate of loss/growth via a particular blood test.

On occasion, it sees a patient who habitually pulls out their hair, or has caused mechanical damage via hair styling, etc.

I look forward to meeting her in consultation and in supporting your daughter following this visit. You are obviously most welcome to attend with her.

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