I am very stressed that my hair is thinning at the front. Do you offer any hair loss treatment for my condition?

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Visitor’s Question:

I am 40 years old. Within the last few months, I am losing hair at an alarming rate. I noticed my scalp is visible at the front, like a see-through effect. Sadly, my hair seems thinner around the affected area. I had a blood test which appeared to be ok other than that my doctor dismissed it. Family members have always had good thick enduring hair, I’ve always had black and thick hair, needless to say, I’m very distressed and a bit paranoid about my hair loss.

Do you offer any hair loss treatment for my condition?

Shuna’s Answer:

Questions such as these I receive inquiries through Shuna Hammocks Trichology site daily. While working in London the prevalence of female pattern thinning was either not as much as present or that women are coming forward more for a solution.

Either way, there is an answer, in most cases, the condition can be totally arrested, and a small amount of improvement enjoyed also.

Female Pattern Hair Loss
An example of The Ludwig pattern of thinning in a woman

In other cases, the condition can be slowed with little improvement, but the possibility of medication or surgical intervention may be relevant.

An example photo of the area affected, this appears different in other hair types and varying severity of the condition.

Androgen Dependent Alopecia is the official term for when the upper region of the hair thins and causes the scalp hair show the scalp more. This understandably causes the sufferers to become rather self-conscious and upset by this physical change on their appearance.

I very much welcome any questions you may have, although specific diagnosis will need to be carried out in person.

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