“I am happy that I made the decision to contact Shuna” – says Catriona

"I am happy that I made the decision to contact Shuna" - says Catriona

A few months ago, worried Catriona visited the clinic complaining about her rapid hair loss condition. I examined her scalp and other medical reports for hair loss symptoms. She followed my instructions and during our recent session, I noticed her hair was growing back.

In her testimonial, she said:

I went to Shuna as my hair was falling out at a rather alarming rate, a few months after being diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia.

She explained my hair loss type after a thorough examination of my scalp conditions, blood results and health and diet history.

She very reassuringly told me that it would grow back as my iron and ferritin levels became normal. She gave me dietary advice and which supplements to take and general care of my hair. She put me at ease, and I felt so much better after my first visit which helped me to stop worrying. She very kindly said I could contact her with any concerns regarding my hair in between my visits to the clinic. On my follow up appointment a few months later, she confirmed that my hair was growing back which was just fantastic!

I will continue to see Shuna in a few months to check that all is still well. Overall, I am so happy I made the decision to contact Shuna.


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