“I cannot recommend you strongly enough to anyone who is experiencing hair loss.” – says Julie


Thank you so very much, Julie. Your testimonial is really kind, and I remain available to you anytime. It will help many others who are suffering hair loss in your position too!

Dear Shuna

I just wanted to write and thank you for all the support and hair loss treatment that you have afforded to me since I first visited you 12 months ago.

When I first came to you, I was experiencing not only significant hair loss but several other symptoms including feeling totally exhausted, shortness of breath and palpitations. Although I had been to my GP many times before coming to your clinic, they had been unable to identify what was wrong with me despite many tests being carried out and I was at an all time low.

You diagnosed androgen-dependent alopecia, but also felt that there may be issues with my blood. It was only following your request to my GP for specific Ferritin tests to be carried out that I was finally diagnosed with a genetic blood disorder for which I am now being treated.

I cannot recommend you strongly enough to anyone who is experiencing hair loss. Your professionalism, knowledge and uplifting manner inspire hope and confidence, and the treatment drops have worked wonders on my thinning hair. I used to be self-conscious of my hair loss, but thanks to the regular use of these drops – my hair is now so much thicker and, even better, continuing to show signs of more new hair growth. Thank you again Shuna – I’m so thankful I found you!

Very best wishes for the future.


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