“I thought Hashimoto’s disease was causing hair loss. Shuna immediately recongnised the actual reason behind the hair loss condition.” – says Tom


Tom was new to hair loss conditions and was not aware of “Trichology“. Here is what he said about our hair loss treatment after he met Shuna Hammocks and received treatment for a year at the clinic.

My hair loss started occurring at the same time as I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease (thyroid auto-immune disease). At first, I thought there’s correlation as hair loss is one of the symptoms of the illness, although even though I started feeling better due to the hormone therapy, my hair didn’t get better.

I didn’t even know trichology exists and that there is something that can be done about hair loss. My fiance did some research and found Shuna Hammocks Trichology clinic located in a charming countryside area. Having nothing to lose I booked an appointment and Mrs. Hammocks immediately recognised that the hair loss was not related to my thyroid. I was presented with a few options of treatment.

After a year my hair loss situation has greatly improved.

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