“I have learnt to love my hair and the progress is exciting!” – says 17-year old Lauren

"I have learnt to love my hair and the progress is exciting!" - says 17-year old Lauren

After colouring several times, 17-year old Lauren found her hair dry, frazzled and split. She visited Shuna Hammocks Trichology with her mother and seek for Shuna’s consultation. After undergoing hair restoration treatment, Lauren’s hair is getting normal again. She is extremely happy and gave us permission to use her real name and age for this amazing review.

As a natural redhead I was always used to having thick voluminous hair, people would always tell me how beautiful my colour was and how much hair I had, yet I never could see that being different was beautiful.

I found myself having my hair coloured several times, firstly having a blonde balayage, then going entirely bleach blonde, before having warmer highlights on top of the bleach blonde within a couple of days due to being unsatisfied. This left my hair dry, frazzled, split and in awful condition. It no longer looked radiant and shiny, but dull and damaged. Within a couple of months of colouring it I started to notice more hair loss than usual when shampooing. Running my hands through my wet hair, seeing strand after strand come out into my hands was alarming, my hair had once been my crowning glory, yet there it was falling out. I felt extremely anxious, and sick that my hair was thinning, I no longer felt attractive or feminine. In addition to this, my scalp felt very dry, flaky and irritated, which was of course very uncomfortable.

My mum, who was also concerned found the Sussex trichology online due to its excellent detailed website and contacted Shuna.

My consultation with Shuna was excellent, I was asked a series of questions about my health, diet and lifestyle. Shuna examined my scalp and notified that it was extremely red and irritated. Additionally, she told me that my hair loss was 60% scalp related and 40% breakage. I was told to use a certain Philip Kingsley scalp treatment to help with my irritated scalp, accompanied with a shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, I was told to cut out all heat by trying as hard as possible to not straighten my hair or use a hair dryer as this was another reason my hair was so damaged because of all the colour plus the heat, which was exacerbating the problem. Also, I had a series of blood tests which identified that I was deficient in iron and a series of other protein deficiencies needed for healthy hair growth. Shuna was great in telling me the vitamins I needed to take, giving clear advice. I wash my hair every other day with the products Shuna gave me, I use the scalp treatment twice a week, I have cut out all heat, and take the vitamin tablets on a daily basis.

All of this has been very beneficial as the scalp treatment has done wonders, I no longer have a red itchy scalp. My roots have grown significantly from taking the vitamin tablets, and my hair is beginning to get thicker and thicker, slowly returning to its original state. This would not have been possible without Shuna’s help and advice. Right From the first consultation she has been positive and reassuring, that my hair will return to how it was. Every time I go for a consultation Shuna is excited about my hair growth and the growing condition. This has given me much confidence and reassurance in which I feel positive that my hair is improving considerably on a monthly basis. Shuna is professional yet approachable and she encourages clients to send her emails at any time if they have any concerns.

This is comforting as I know if I ever have any worries or questions I am able to email. I have come along way since before the first consultation to now in the sense I have learnt to love my hair and the progress is exciting!

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