Visitors’ Questions of The Week – Vol. 01

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Visitors' Questions of The Week - Vol. 01

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I am 24 and the top of my hair is almost bald. I have suffered from hair loss for the past 10 years. It goes through phases of falling out but always used to grow back. In the last year, it has become the worst it has ever been and has not grown back. My scalp burns and my scalp is more than visible. I have seen a specialist through the NHS and they said it’s female pattern hair loss and I should try Rogaine. As my scalp is so sore I have not used this and take vitamins. Please, can I set up a meeting to look into this more as I am very worried I will lose all my hair?

Shuna’s Answer

I am sorry for the distress this is causing you and you were exactly right not to use Rogain.

I see many women with female pattern hair loss and this can successfully be treated without this solution. In many cases, I can help you maintain the density and in others improve it a little too. However, since all hair loss conditions are so (understandably) emotive, I feel a professional and honest prognosis the best way to approach this situation.

An hour consultation would give us plenty of time to discuss, examine and explain more.

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I am 40 and in October I had my hair done in a weave which after a month left my scalp so dry it burnt to wash it with shampoo. it was so itchy and I experienced substantial hair loss. Now 6 months after… my hair has fallen out in patches… I’ve used a fungal cream from the doctors which cleared something, but I can feel my hair has thinned in the back. Its scaly I’m just so frightened to wash my hair because it just sheds.

Shuna’s Answer

Thank you for contacting me. While conditions such as Ringworm (which are of a fungal nature) exist, it is quite rare and in my experience highly unlikely in your case. It would have cleared with the treatment.

Patches of hair loss effect less than 1 % of the population but I am keen to find out what has caused these to prevent further patches and start to them address and treat these. In the majority of cases the patches completely regrow but to be thorough I may order some blood tests before discussing treatments with you.

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Hello, my wife gave birth 11 months ago and has suddenly started losing a substantial amount of hair when brushing, showering and just running hands through it. A lot of our friends have said it’s common postpartum from pregnancy but this hasn’t been experienced until just now and common practices say this is likely to clear up in 9-12months. Today a huge clump came out in the shower and shocked us so much we think we need some advice/help. Can you advise, please?

Shuna’s Answer

I certainly can help your wife, thank you for contacting me.

You are correct that most cases of pp do start earlier and slow down 9-12 months after birth. I suspect there are other factors here and would be able to determine what when examining her hair. I am keen to see the rate of growth, how the density varies from to back, and indeed the length and volume of hairs falling.

If you would like her to consult me please do get in contact where I would be happy to help.

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