What are the reasons behind hair loss in men under 25-years old?

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What are the reasons behind hair loss in men under 25-years old?

Hair loss in men under 25-years old is more common than we actually think. Every day I hear from young men about their hair loss, stress and daily sufferings. These reasons would actually be very similar to those men over this age group:

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

  • The most common is genetic thinning such as pattern baldness is just as upsetting for men as women. For some men, they are happy to adjust their hair cut or wear a hat, for others it totally destroys their confidence in all areas of their life. To the left, you can see a man of 19 years old who has the very early first stage of Androgen Dependant Alopecia. While it is subtle, it is hugely distressing to him.
  • A deficiency based hair loss, while more unusual than in women, can occur particularly following a strict diet plan or where a lot of weight has been lost too quickly. This can also be an issue with an underactive thyroid. The loss would affect the entire scalp and may simply show as slowed growth. At Shuna Hammocks Trichology we can arrange any tests we feel necessary to diagnose and treat your condition.
  • A scalp condition, Psoriasis, for example, can cause the hair to shed in the short term. In most cases, the hair returns when the scale has been treated. We can offer treatments at home and within the clinic setting. For Psoriasis and most scalp conditions, we feel steroids and prescription medications unnecessary.
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, workplace bullying can cause hair loss and health changes. At Shuna Hammocks Trichology, we promote mindfulness and meditation. Lifestyle choices play such a vital role in helping to control certain other hair loss conditions. We can guide you and provide practitioners where required.

If you are 25-years old or under and suffering from hair loss, please contact me on 07860387332 or 01444708122 today to arrange an appointment.

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