A Surprising Relationship of Meditation to Hair Loss & Scalp Conditions

A Surprising Relationship of Meditation to Hair Loss & Scalp Conditions

Many patients I see from the point of initial contact via phone or enquiry page, are very upset and often panicking about the new situation they find themselves in. When I meet someone for the first time, I like to think they find the farm environment and then comfortable barn setting with the constant smell of fresh coffee puts the mind partially at ease. It is important to me that as soon as I meet a patient they are put at ease, a relaxed patient will then be able to calmly answer the many questions I need to cover. The consultation itself is a safe haven to allow those who have perhaps kept, they may perceive embarrassing, condition to themselves. They may not want to worry a family member or simply hope it will self-correct, they seldom do.

Obviously, we are all very different therefore with treatments there is never a “one cap fits all” approach, this would be as far away from holistic approach as possible. Unfortunately every day I hear patients describe how their own Doctor has either not made enough time to really ‘hear’ them or their complaint was dismissed as merely cosmetic or imagined – how rude! If someone has gone to the effort to book an appointment and give up their precious time and repeat visits often about the same concern, surely this individual deserves the respect and time of a caring professional!

On a very much more positive and mindful note: in this busy and often stressful life we live in, I feel the absolute key is both living in the present and respecting ourselves. Self-love does not have to result in a selfish or arrogant manner but in fact a useful tool in protecting ourselves from many negative and cynical attitudes around. I found out very quickly that as a Mum and Wife if I didn’t strictly boundary I may very well burn out. Some patients ask how I find the time to meditate each day and comment they are ‘too busy to attend somewhere regularly’. My answer is to use an app on your phone or simply search ‘guided 10-minute meditation’ with time and dedication, I promise everyone would feel the benefits. Not only if practiced before bed can you go into a deeper more restful sleep but the effects in daily life show. One example is when driving, it is amazing how this simple trick actually helps:

If you feel angry or tight chested by a situation like this, imagine a massive dial and what number 1-10 you are on (the most stressed or anxious being 10). Then take a few deep breaths: in through the nose and out through the mouth and then turn that dial down to 2. I find my shoulders drop and my brow relaxes- try it!

From a hair and scalp point of view, there are scalp conditions that are exacerbated by stress. The hormone levels can change and the scalp can feel oilier quicker, the absorption of various vitamins and minerals are affected when stress causes adrenaline levels to soar and various hair loss conditions that show perfect blood results can be attributed to lack of emotional wellbeing. Obviously, it would not be realistic for me to suggest to a patient “don’t stress”. Perhaps feeling we can park certain worries and realise we deserve to feel calm allows us to re-evaluate what stress is ours and what others have out upon us.

I love the saying: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is the present.


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